• Teacher: Angie Schnakenberg
  • Subject: Chemistry and Engineering
  • School: Blue Springs High School
  • Awarded: March 2011

Teacher Bio - Angie Schnakenberg had been working as a chemical engineer for five years before she decided to pursue her passion for teaching. Now, the way her students and colleagues at Blue Springs High School describe it, her passion and enthusiasm are unmatched. Schnakenberg's former experience in the field makes her a practical teacher; she has the contacts to connect students with community members and the knowledge to apply formulas to real-world problems. Beyond the classroom, Schnakenberg also mentors students as they weigh college decisions and career choices.

In addition to her teaching commitments, Schnakenberg is a mentor for the FIRST Robotics Program, a six-week program for designing and building a functional, competition-ready robot that involves leading and motivating a team during six weeks of evening and weekend work. In her first year as a coach, Schnakenberg's team was short the funds and materials to build their robot. With no sign of waning enthusiasm, she managed to turn a potentially disheartening situation around. Their use of recycled materials in the challenge earned the Blue Springs team the Green Engineering Award from the judging panel!

Schnakenberg's receipt of the Educating Excellence Award was covered by The Examiner