• Teacher: Cheri Tajchman
  • Subject: Science
  • School: Chapman High School
  • Awarded: September 2010

Teacher Bio - In June 2008, a tornado ripped through Chapman, destroying all three schools and much of the community. When Mrs. Tajchman went to assess the damage to her classroom, she found very little that was salvageable. But while the damage was devastating, the community rallied together and the superintendent made a pledge to start school on time.

And that they did. While Tajchman's classroom wasn't ready when the new school year begun, that didn't keep her from educating students. Instead, she developed science lessons she could teach in the streets during the first few weeks of school.

Now in her sixth year at Chapman High School, Tajchman continues to inspire and engage students through her unique approach to teaching. Colleagues and students praised her for her energy and passion for education. Tajchman's award story was featured in The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle.