Who is eligible for the Educating Excellence Award?
Outstanding K-12 math, science, engineering and technology teachers in the Kansas City area and Central Kentucky.

Nomination Process

Who can nominate a teacher?
Current students, fellow teachers, colleagues, administrators or community members may initiate the nomination process.

Can a teacher nominate themselves for the award?
We highly recommend that Educating Excellence nominations come from people who have been inspired or encouraged by an educator.

If the nominee doesn't win, can they be re-nominated?
Yes, a teacher can be re-nominated; however, new entries will only be accepted after a full calendar year has passed since the original nomination.

After I nominate a teacher, what's next?
You will receive a confirmation email from the Educating Excellence committee that your nomination was received. It will be your responsibility to secure one additional entry nomination and ensure that these nominations are submitted before the entries are reviewed.


What are the application deadlines?
Applications may be submitted at any time. Once the required two entries are received, the teacher will be eligible for one calendar year.

Award Information

How does the money need to be spent?
The $1,000 monetary award will be given to the teacher to use at his or her discretion. This award is intended to recognize teachers for outstanding performance, and it is our hope that teachers use the reward money to advance STEM education in the classroom.

Who will be reading the nominations and making award selections?
The Educating Excellence committee, comprised of team members from Lexmark in Kentucky and Kansas, will review all nominations and select the award winners quarterly throughout the school year.

Award Recipients

How many winners are selected, and how often?
Awards will be granted four times throughout the academic year (October, December/January, February and April). Up to two teachers in each location (Kansas City area and Central Kentucky) will be awarded each quarter.

How will I be notified if my nominee is selected?
You will be contacted by a committee member, so please provide complete contact information.

Will I be notified if my nominee isn't selected?
While non-winning nominees will not be notified, award winners will be announced throughout the year on www.EducatingExcellence.org.

When will the award be presented?
The Educating Excellence committee will coordinate award presentations with school administrators throughout the academic school year (September-May).