• Teacher: Gerald "Mac" McGory
  • Subject: Calculus, Algebra I, College Algebra/Trigonometry, Finite Math
  • School: Bishop O'Hara High School
  • Awarded: November 2013

Teacher Bio - Gerald "Mac" McGory is the recipient of the Educating Excellence Award for November 2013. McGory, who teaches Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry and Finite Math at Archbishop O'Hara High School in Kansas City, Missouri, was nominated by colleagues Alan Hull and Jane Schaffer.

According to his fellow teachers, McGory's lessons engage students in STEM disciplines, including those who previously showed little excitement for the fields. "Learning to be creative and innovative is an everyday experience in Mac's classroom," says Hull. "Kids who have never liked math or who have struggled in other teachers' classes flourish in his classroom. He is inviting and engaging. His lessons are geared towards integrating subject matter and real life experiences."

As the robotics coach, McGory spends countless hours working with students and their mentors to prepare the school's robot for competition each year. In fact, he introduced the robotics program at Bishop O'Hara, which helps students understand how STEM concepts learned in the classroom have applications in the real world. He has also been instrumental in supporting technology-based learning through the use of devices like iPads.

In addition to his regular teaching responsibilities, McGory is the go-to source for technical support at Bishop O'Hara High School. He is often the last one to leave the building due to the time he spends after hours working on the school's servers and network, and is always available as a tutor for students who need extra help with homework or instruction.

According to Schaffer, McGory inspires his students with his unique teaching style and gives them the tools they need to be successful. "Mac prepares our students for success in high school, for college and for the world. He shows students how to make the connections they need in making math a help to their lives."

Adds Hull: "Mac is a tireless worker with a passion for his subject matter and for his students. He impacts students through humor and real life situations that relate to his field of education."