• Teacher: Jay Cloud
  • Subject: Technology Education Teacher
  • School: Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville

Teacher Bio - At the Kentucky School for the Deaf, Jay Cloud brings new ideas and techniques into his classroom every day, creating an alternative learning environment that overcomes communication barriers for his students. Cloud uses closed-captioned video technology, smart boards, and hands-on computer programs to visualize concepts.

Cloud's positive attitude creates a mistake-friendly environment that allows his students to learn not to be hindered by their disabilities. He makes science and math relevant to his students through practical application. These subjects are taught using visual communication techniques and through the production of finished products by the students.

Through the use of mechanical, geometrical and chemical concepts, Cloud's students reuse and recycle items like old doors and windows, turning them into creations like bookshelves, household furniture and accessories. The finished products are then sold or donated. Students are encouraged to explain the processes involved in developing the product, which enhances their communication skills and gives others greater appreciation of the accomplishment.

Cloud breeds excitement. He puts his students first, and helps them to become accomplished learners with relevant skills.