• Teacher: Kevin Hulsen
  • Subject: Technology
  • School: Olathe Northwest High School
  • Awarded: January 2011

Teacher Bio - If you were to look up the word "dedication" in the dictionary, you might find a photo of Kevin Hulsen. Whether he is in the classroom or busy sponsoring Olathe Northwest High School's Technology Student Association (TSA), Hulsen is unapologetic for his devotion of time. It is very rare for Hulsen to miss a day of work and if he does, it usually school related.

Take for example, the time Hulsen attended the Kansas State TSA competition with his wife back home in the hospital expecting their first baby. Hulsen did indeed make it back in time for the birth of his child, but he stayed with his students long enough to make sure they were ready for competition.

Hulsen's dedication to technology education is recognized on both the state and national levels. Just three years into his career, he was named 2006 Kansas State TSA Advisor of the Year. His leadership has reaped eight straight years of students, 38 in all, becoming national qualifiers in TSA competition. And through Hulsen's vision and leadership, a regional TSA competition has been sponsored by Olathe TSA with Hulsen himself serving as host for the past six years. A tremendous undertaking to organize and facilitate, the regional competition is just one more example of Hulsen's incredible dedication to education.