• Teacher: Larry Ballard
  • Subject: Honors, International Baccalaureate (I.B.) and standard biology
  • School: Hutchinson High School
  • Awarded: May 2012

Teacher Bio - Larry Ballard currently teaches honors, International Baccalaureate (I.B.) and standard biology classes at Hutchinson High School. According to students and colleagues, Ballard brings biology to life, shedding light on tough concepts and leading hands-on projects, including one popular lesson that involves sample collection at Cow Creek. He also makes himself available outside of the classroom, staying long hours and mentoring students on their college and career plans.

Scott Coons, Hutchinson High School alum and President and CEO of Perceptive Software, presented Ballard with the $1,500 Educating Excellence award along with Interim Dean of the KU School of Engineering, Dr. Stan Rolfe. The surprise took place during Ballard's fifth hour honors biology class at Hutchinson High School.

"As a student at Hutchinson High School, a teacher recognized my interest and potential in math and science and helped guide me into my career as an engineer," said Coons. "Realizing many students' lives have been impacted by outstanding teachers throughout our state and the metro area, we launched this program to recognize teachers making a difference in the lives of students."