• Teacher: Mike Tetirick
  • Subject: Science Teacher
  • School: Boyle County Middle School

Teacher Bio - Mike Tetirick is a great inspiration to his students at Boyle County Middle School. He has written grants and acquired additional external funding sources to establish a laboratory containing fourteen computers and several sets of probe ware. Tetirick has spent endless hours amassing resources, setting up the lab in his classroom, learning the software, and integrating the probe ware into the curriculum. Tetirick?s work is cutting edge in the community and has actually been the subject of a story in the local newspaper. His students are experiencing real science through the collection of real data and the use of equipment and programs that real scientists use. Tetirick is currently involved in personal professional development to ensure that everything he does continues to be new and current. The confidence Tetirick displays in his students encourages independence and self-sufficiency. His innovative spirit has positively influenced the entire 8th grade science program at Boyle County Middle School.