• Teacher: Tina Cox
  • Subject: Mathematics Teacher
  • School: Lexington Traditional Magnet School

Teacher Bio - Tina Cox is an exception when it comes to teaching students how to manipulate technology to find solutions for real-life problems. She continually reinforces the real-world application of mathematics for her students, preparing them for lifelong learning.

Cox serves as the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) coordinator for Lexington Traditional Magnet School. In this capacity she actively seeks connections to research institutions and local universities to make it possible for students to participate in "beyond the school walls" learning. She also organizes opportunities for students to take part in research on topics that are "real-life" oriented, rooted in STEM and connected to the national standards.

In her quest to continually improve her personal performance and improve her school, Cox actively seeks grants, training opportunities and other initiatives both within the district and across the state and nation.

Her innate ability to build rapport and relate to students, their families and her peers differentiates her from other teachers. In fact, a parent contacted the school's principal, Alison Hayes, requesting that she nominate Cox for the INSPIRE Award because she represents exactly what this award celebrates.